EMAT Thickness Measurement Module For OEM Application

This compact module is designed for OEM application such as drone thickness measurement or ILI (inline inspection) tools.  EMAT (electromagnetic acoustic transducer) technique enables non-contact thickness measurement on ferromagnetic tube/plate/bar products.  Thickness measurement can also be performed on other conductive materials such as stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, brass, thanks to our unique algorithm and transducer design.  Additional advantages of using EMAT is no need of couplant, high tolerance to rough surface, reading through scale, paint or coating up to 4 mm.  

The EMAT module includes 1 circuit board, 1 ambient transducer, accessories and full SDK (software development kit) 

● Full SDK includes communication protocol and drone application DEMO program.

● Dimension & weight: 100 mm× 36mm × 45mm, weight ≤80g

● Communication interface:100Mbps wired Ethernet、UDP/IP.

● Power: DC9-15V/0.2-0.6A

EMAT transducer: 4MHz, shear wave incident, radial polarization, magnetic attraction force ≈15N, Φ30mm × height 44mm, weight ≤80g, cable length 0.5—1 meter.

● Thickness measurement range: 1.5~100 mm (steel, stainless steel), precision 0.04~0.08mm.

● Working gap/liftoff: ambient permanent magnet probe ≤4mm

● Measurement probe touching angle tolerance: ±25°

● Minimum testing surface curvature: ≥6 mm (inches)

● Intelligent algorithm:  automatic, 1-gate, 2-gate 

● Maximum number of readings per second:16

● Sensor:  magnetic attraction force of the permanent magnet probe is ≈15N, the cylindrical shape is Φ30×height 44mm, the weight is ≤80g, and the wire length is 0.5-1m.

● Operating temperature range: -20~+ 50°С